A choice of power sources, including renewable

Jan 18, 2012 | Flow & Level

Electromagnetic water flowmeters with an expanded range of power source options are now available from ABB. Based on the Aquamaster Explorer transmitter, the Aquamaster 3 is suitable for water billing and leakage applications and now offers a choice of mains and battery power options, plus a renewable power version which can draw power from either solar or wind-powered energy sources.

The renewable power version includes a simple DC (6-21V) connection that can be hooked up to sources as small as a 5W solar panel or 60W equivalent wind supply. When coupled with its use of super capacitor energy storage technology, this feature eliminates the need for either mains or battery power, so the AquaMaster 3 is suitable for use in remote locations.

In the mains-power mode, the SuperCap technology maintains continuous measurement and alarms reporting via SMS for up to seven days in the event of a power failure. This is expanded to up to three weeks for the renewable power mode, with the SuperCap also acting to power the meter during the night.

The battery-only version offers the option of high powered batteries, offering an extended operating life of up to 10 years in standard applications and improved performance in harsh applications above 45°C. Where the battery is utilised, the SuperCap enables the battery to be replaced without loss of logger contents.

Installation of the AquaMaster 3 is simplified using ABB’s ‘fit and flow’ intelligent installation technology, whereby all aspects of the installation are stored within the sensor.