If you are pumping hazardous chemicals or operating in a hazardous environment then the Verderair Pure air-operated diaphragm pump can help you solve many of your pumping problems.

The Verderair Pure range of pumps make chemical compatibility easy as it is chemically inert. The pump is machined form a single block of 100% pure virgin PTFE or PE material. The material is an outstanding choice for engineers wanting a pump to handle aggressive chemicals, even those containing abrasive solids such as blackwash in castings manufacturing.

The pump contains no metallic parts in contact with the fluid or the atmosphere, making it ideal for operation inside a fuming cabinet or hazardous areas such as ATEX rated zones where other pump brands would suffer the effects of corrosion.

A common concern for many engineers is the expense of compressed air – The less air that is used, the lower the overall cost of ownership. The Verderair Pure uses a new generation of air valve technology that is super-responsive, eliminating any waste air and instead using it to move the fluid. The effect is a proven ability to pump more than other brands in the ‘solid-block’ pump category.

The machining of the pump is conducted at a state-of-the-art facility in Germany, using a specialist multi-axis machine to produce the design. There are fewer structural weaknesses than a cast equivalent and provides peace of mind for the workforce in the surrounding area.

A flow rate capacity of 17-660l/min is available at up to 7 bar pressure. Connections range from 8mm-50mm. Maximum temperature up to 120OC.

Common applications for the Verderair Pure brand include the handling of aggressive slurries used in pharmaceutical production, electronics manufacturing, photovoltaic panels, metals finishing and semi-conductors.

The range can be tailored to your process with a wide breadth of wet-side materials and accessories including dampeners for minimizing pulsation, stroke counters, remote operation, manual draining, barrier systems and leak detection.

If you require a solution for handling strong chemicals or operating in a hazardous area, contact Verder for a consultation on 01924 221 001 or email info@verder.co.uk.