AUMA Actuators Limited (AUMA UK) has successfully completed an actuator upgrade programme across a range of inlet and outlet penstocks at Great Billing Sewage Treatment Works as part of its Service Level Agreement with Anglian Water Services Limited.

Great Billing Sewage Treatment Works is situated a few miles to the east of Northampton and is operated by Anglian Water Services Limited. It is designated as a sludge treatment centre and receives imported sludge from other sewage treatment works (STWs) in the area for treatment, in addition to treating the sludge produced by the on-site processes.

Existing inlet actuators from inlet penstocks 1 – 4 were decommissioned and removed and AUMA’s SA14.2 AC01.2 actuators were installed mechanically to in situ penstocks. In addition, AUMA fitted remote AC01.2 control heads to wall brackets mounted to the penstock frames electrical power, providing an improved operating position and enhanced view of displays.

Controls were reconnected to the four actuators by AUMA electricians. Local isolation was added using the unique AUMA plug/socket connector with an integrated electrical isolator. Umbilical cable sets between the actuators and the controls were factory pre-produced in AUMA’s UK factory to minimise site time.

Hand operated gearboxes and shafts were also removed from outlet penstocks 1 – 4 and AUMA UK’s SA14.2 AC01.2 actuators were installed mechanically to in situ penstocks with bespoke adaption plates designed by AUMA UK. Remote AC01.2 control heads were fitted to wall brackets mounted to penstock frames (terminal heads were also supplied with isolators built in). Umbilical cable sets were installed between controls and the actuator gearboxes.

NICEIC minor works certificates to sign off the power connections to the inlet penstocks were produced by AUMA UK fully employed electricians. Installed actuators were set up and commissioned by AUMA UK’s field service engineers.

Graeme Blair is Maintenance Support Technician at Anglian Water Services Limited. He says: “We’re delighted with the work carried out by AUMA UK at Great Billing Sewage Treatment Works. Within just three days the AUMA engineers removed and upgraded the existing actuators, with everything installed smoothly and without any issues.”

Colin Borrows, Operations Manager, AUMA UK, adds: “This is another great retrofit job. It demonstrates excellent use of our remote mounted controls and the three phase isolator built into the customer side terminal heads.”

Since being awarded a sole actuator supply framework in October 2019, AUMA UK has worked with Anglian Water to develop a new and unique process to service, maintain and replace a range of actuators throughout the region.

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