Alpha offers sales, hire, repair and calibration of electrical and electronic test equipment

Alpha Electronics, the national distributor, hirer, repairer and calibrator of electrical and electronic test equipment, is now an authorised distributor for GE Druck. The offering includes a very wide range of portable pressure and loop calibrators, which can be viewed on Alpha Electronics newly revised web site at As one of the UK’s largest independent test instrument distributors, Alpha Electronics has offices in Maidstone, Manchester and Newport, Wales.

The GE Druck offering includes the very compact Druck DPI 611 Portable Calibrator, a fully self-contained pressure test and calibration system combining pressure generation, signal measurement and loop power. It features a simplified, intuitive touchscreen, generates 0 to 20bar/300psi in less than 30 seconds and creates 95% vacuum, while measuring pressure, voltage and current to a far greater accuracy than the DPI 610 series models it replaces. Captured data can be downloaded to calibration and maintenance software.

As approved distributors for most of the major instrument manufacturers, Alpha Electronics provides a complete service, together with full technical back-up and after-sales service. The company offers a wide range of handheld and portable test equipment suitable, for example, for electrical contractors, power and power quality engineers, environmental technicians and electronic engineers, as well as maintenance professionals using equipment such as thermal imagers, vibration testers and process calibration instruments.

Based on knowledge of all the latest products, safety legislation, EC Directives and other Institutions’ recommendations, Alpha Electronics is able to provide the best independent advice to its customers when choosing a new product. Company Technical Sales Engineers offer on-site demonstrations, letting the customer see first hand the capability of the test instruments.

With over 27 years experience, Alpha Electronics has a highly skilled and qualified workforce offering a comprehensive test instrument repair service for the majority of test instrument manufacturers, as well as offering electrical test equipment calibration. 

Alpha Electronics has full UKAS Accreditation for its test equipment calibration laboratory in the field of DC and LF measurements, which covers the core products used by electrical contractors, utilities and other major establishments and organisations. It encompasses the requirements of most 17th Edition equipment, power installation equipment and some laboratory long scale multimeters and references. Companies with employees numbering from 1 to over 1000 have come to rely upon Alpha Electronics’ thorough knowledge to keep their test equipment calibrated and working.

Alpha Electronics also offers a test instrument hire service covering instruments from 17th Edition insulation testers to energy analysers, and light meters to earth testers, catering for most applications and electrical installation testing needs. The requirement may be for a replacement instrument pending calibration, or for an application where it is not cost effective to purchase.

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