Pump specialists Applied Pumps Ltd have found the perfect application for their range of Jessberger drum pumps. As a locomotive enters its service yard for replenishment of coolant, screen wash and lubricants etc these fluids must be fed into it from containers.

A portable, lightweight pump is therefore needed that can cope with many different fluids of varying viscosity. The Jessberger JP-180 drum pump set is ideal for this application and has now been successfully chosen as the optimum solution. The JP-180 includes a 600Watt, 1ph motor c/w 1000mm long polypropylene pump tube which allows the pump unit to be used with a large variety of containers. Performance is perfect at up to150 litres/min and the pump is available for either a 110v or 230v or supply.

The Jessberger pumps are simple to use and light weight. Recently a field service team have adopted them as standard mobile van issue for all of their engineers. That way replenishing a locomotive from even a small remote railway yard is now still very simple. The range includes high viscosity screw pumps, ATEX Ex and even pneumatic versions. Of German manufacture, the quality is second to none and yet pricing is extremely competitive versus the brand leaders for this type of pump. Note also that Jessberger pumps and pump tubes are fully interchangeable with those of Flux and Lutz.

Applied Pumps are commercial fluid handling specialists please contact at any time to discuss drum pumps or any other fluid related application or problem! 

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