Meler consolidates its position as an expert in solutions for the application of industrial adhesives with its latest international launch: “Arion”, a brand specialized in the improvement and efficiency of adhesive transfer processes.

Focke Meler has recently launched Arion: the new specialist brand centred on hotmelt hoses. Arion boosts performance and efficiency in the industrial adhesive conveying process thanks to its 3FORCE technology: a versatile, efficient and powerful new way to improve results and processes.

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A track record of more than 40 years in the development of systems for the application of adhesives and sealants has enabled Meler to detect opportunities for improving the efficiency of industrial processes and the quality of products that require hot melt. “At present, we are putting all our experience and innovation at the service of an indispensable element for the performance of processes and installations: heated hoses.”, declared Javier Aranguren, Managing Director of Focke Meler Gluing Solutions.

A solution for every challenge

Arion is the result from the effort of a specialized technical team that prioritizes the challenges of its customers whose multiple and specific needs will be surely covered with one of Arion’s models. Arion offers solutions to withstand high temperatures like ARION Inferno, or hoses to improve the productivity of installations working with special low-density adhesives and butyls: ARION Power.

Stephen Higton, UK and Ireland Sales Director says: “We have managed to develop a new technology that is sure to make a difference with the release of Arion Infinity. This formidable hose offers a whole new world of possibilities for technically demanding applications and emerging markets in which the demands are very high. For example, they offer a great performance in applications that require low adhesive consumption, but which have advanced technical requirements, or when using complex adhesives on wood and in assembly.”

The new brand represents a milestone for the hotmelt solutions manufacturing company and it is fully available at


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