Fulton restart package offers peace of mind

As a leading heat transfer specialist, Fulton is all too aware of the effect that COVID-19 has had on its customers and the wider industry and appreciates that many steam boilers have been shut down during this period. So, when operations are ready to resume, businesses need to make sure its boilers and steam systems are ready too and meet the Health & Safety* requirements and operational demands required of its processes. 

Fulton’s advice prior to restarting is that an initial steam boiler and system assessment is undertaken to ensure that steam processes or manufacturing operations restart without risk to personnel or the business in general.
To assist its customers, Fulton is therefore offering a Restarting Workplace Pressure Systems Safely package consisting of:
•    Pre-start assessment (potential issues are identified and rectification planned in with re-commissioning – where possible)
•    Re-commissioning of the steam boiler and water treatment
•    Follow up verification visit to fine tune and confirm boiler run condition (if requested)
This service is available for all fuel-fired and electric steam boilers, including those from and installed by other manufacturers, but the Fulton needs to consider boiler and system size before quoting. A discount is available for new and existing service contract holders.
For further information, please email service@fulton.co.uk or call the office on +44 (0)117 972 3322.

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