The UK’s leading independent provider of valve automation products, Actuated Solutions Ltd (ASL), has announced the availability of a failsafe option for larger sizes of its popular range of HQ electric actuators.

Following the successful launch of a battery back-up option for their HQ-005 quarter-turn electric actuator, ASL can now offer failsafe functionality for the rest of the HQ range – which was previously only an option up to 300NM.

The RBP (Rechargeable Battery Pack) is available in single phase (110V or 220VAC) and when fully charged allows 5 full operations of the actuator when power is unavailable. By using a set of high-quality batteries which are constantly trickle charged, the battery back-up option ensures optimum performance anytime there’s a power failure. This can be easily set to fail closed or fail open and is now available on actuators up to 3000NM.

When supplied with the RBP option, the actuators are fitted with two off local control selector switches (1 for local/remote and 1 for open/close operation) and LED Lamp signals to give the user clear indication of the actuator performance. The LED indicators include a fault light, the battery charge level, and if the actuator is open or closed.

Paul Slaughter, Director at ASL said; “Ongoing product development to meet ever-changing customer needs has been a long-standing objective of the business, and once again we have been able to add another level of functionality to what is already one of our best-selling products. We believe that for anyone looking for a failsafe solution for larger-sized actuators, but without the expense or footprint of using an electro-hydraulic solution, the HQ range is now an obvious choice.”

Suitable for use in a wide range of applications, the HQ with battery back-up will doubtless prove popular across Water and HVAC markets in particular where efficient shut-off on power-failure is required.

Local as well as remote controls mean users can isolate and test systems and all HQ actuators are supplied with a robust IP67 hard anodised Aluminium housing, 4 off limit switches, anti-condensation heater & manual override handwheel.

The HQ series is just one of a large range of electric and pneumatic actuators and associated accessories ASL has available from stock.

For more information call the ASL sales office on 01243 827469 or visit