Capacitive sensors are used for level indication of a wide variety of materials.  Liquids such as ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard impose a special difficulty for level sensors in general, as they have a tendency to be adhesive or create extensive amounts of material build-up on the sensors or container walls, other products such as milk can foam during processing.  Both these effects can cause standard capacitive sensors to false trigger.  Balluff’s SMARTLEVEL sensors combat these problems.

New to the existing range is the SMARTLEVEL 500+ a stainless steel M30 sensor with a non-flush Teflon sensing surface.  This sensor is specifically designed for products such as ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, reliably detecting these difficult liquids through plastic or glass containers (up to 20mm thick), or by direct contact with the liquid.  Balluff’s SMARTLEVEL 500+ can also detect high-conductive acids such as sulphuric or hydrochloric and concentrated cleaning agents, again even through container walls. 

For products such as milk, fruit juices, cola or honey Balluff’s existing SMARTLEVEL 15 is ideal and for saltwater use the SMARTLEVEL 50.

As with all SMARTLEVEL sensors set-up is simple, the sensors automatically tune out plastic or other non-conductive wall materials; teach-in or other user interaction is not required. Additionally, where internal installation is required the sensor has a reverse thread for hygiene applications. Once installed SMARTLEVEL sensors automatically find the true liquid level for ‘mount and forget it’ convenience, even changes in liquids during production runs or checking procedures cause these sensors no problem; SMARTLEVEL sensors readjusting themselves when confronted with changing container compositions.

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