Optima Control Solutions outlines two examples of the role it plays in ensuring machine safety in industrial applications.

According to the latest HSE reports, each year 1 in 100,000 workers dies in a workplace accident. Another equally alarming figure is 1 in 125 workers will suffer a major injury that will keep them away from work for a week or longer. With almost 3 million people employed in the UK manufacturing sector alone, the impact of unreliable safety systems is obvious.

It is therefore important to implement a safety control system that you know you can trust.  Safety related control systems have been an integral part of Optima Control Solutions’ portfolio over the years, and recent projects demonstrate the company’s competence in this area.

For example, Optima has recently designed and installed a safety control system for API’s Laminating line in Poynton. Optima replaced the single channel emergency stop push buttons and guards with a dual circuit system. Six new lockable guard switches were fitted on the machine. A safety ‘motion detection system’ was included using star wheel plates and rotation detection proximity switches fitted on two DC motor driven rollers.

The redundant safety system was designed to ensure that if one contactor failed to open and remove the mains supply, a backup contactor would ensure the supply is removed. The use of a Pilz programmable safety PLC allowed the flexibility for machine operators to enter some sections of the machine, for thread up etc., without compromising the integrity of the machine safety circuit.

In another, equally safety critical application at Dunlop Oil & Marine in Grimsby, Optima has refurbished one of the main production machines in order to improve its control and reliability, and to meet the stricter safety standard of EN13849. Optima and Dunlop engineers worked together to  design a complex, yet flexible, safety system, which could also monitor the rate of motion under various operational conditions. A Pilz PNOZ Multiprogrammable safety relay is used to enhance the security of the machine and extend its lifetime. A Siemens’ Simotion D drive precisely gear-locks the machine’s carriage drive, which applies the material to the main drive.

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