With the latest models in its TR-7wb series, T&D Corporation, the Japanese market leader for data loggers, has extended the TR-7wf series with a Bluetooth feature to enhance connectivity between data loggers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The ThermoApp has also been redesigned with a new look and easier to use interface. T&D Thermo enables the use of mobile devices for viewing recorded data, as well as direct communication between the connected devices TR-71wb, TR-72wb and TR-75wb.

T&D’s Bluetooth featured WiFi loggers of the TR-7wb series are ideal for temperature and humidity monitoring, and designed for those who require a broad range of measurement tasks. No computer is needed in order to use the TR-7wb series on site, as it can be set up via Bluetooth and with the T&D Thermo App on mobile devices, both iOS and Android. The new design and easier to use interface plus the option to view data from all networked TR-7wb (WLAN) /TR-7nw (LAN) loggers makes handling easy and effective. The recorded data can be also downloaded with USB cable to a computer. The simplicity of these applications allows uncomplicated and cost-effective protection of various goods and processes. They are ideally suited to the supervision of climatic conditions in public buildings such as hospitals, museums and warehousing, as well as storage of sensitive products and the safeguarding of laboratories, server rooms or refrigerators.

A wide selection of optional sensors are available, enabling the two-channel TR-71wb/nw for a wide range of temperature measurements from -60 to 115°C. What’s more, the two-channel TR-72wb/nw measures temperatures and humidity from 0 to 55°C and 10 to 95% RH. The TR72wb-S/nw-S provides higher accuracy to ±2.5% RH and ±0.3°C thanks to the model sensors covering a sector from -25 to 70°C/0 to 99% RH. In contrast, the TR-75wb/nw as a two-channel thermocouple sensor type (K, J, T, E, S, R) provides measurements ranging from -199 to 1760°C. Their high precision and wide scope of measurement capabilities combined with their flexibility make the TR-7wb data loggers perfect for industrial and public use. 

To complete its capabilities, T&D also offers a multi-functional and free of charge Cloud T&D WebStorage Service. Thanks to this feature, administrators need never again deal with acquisition, furnishing or maintenance issues. The WebStorage Service provides different options, such as the monitoring of current readings, automatic data downloads and warning notifications – and can be used on a computer or mobile device. The cloud enables data management regardless of time and location, and stores measured values on a central server. The free of charge T&D Graph allows you to read larger numbers of recorded data files in the same graph, merge data, view and save data in multiple ways, and use more effective tools for data management and analysis. 

What’s more, it is possible to directly download recorded data stored on the cloud. With over ten years of experience with cloud capabilities, the company guarantees simple and secure monitoring with their large portfolio of data loggers and software solutions.