Bronkhorst introduced its’ CORI-FILL technology for its Coriolis product portfolio back in 2009 and after five years of customer experience this technology is now a standard feature and rapidly extending its uses and applications.

CORI-FILL has been applied to a great many batching, blending, dosing, filling and sterilization applications with intended markets spanning the whole spectrum of process, industrial and commercial industries. Further variation has been seen with low to ultra-low flow dosage rates as well as medium to higher flows. It is this versatility that is at the very heart of the programme’s success.

The traditional method for dosing, batching and filling processes has often utilized the gravimetric principle i.e. the use of precision weighing scales to measure the serial introduction of constituents on a one-by-one basis. The principle is well proven but can sometimes have drawbacks. As the process involves a series of individual doses with settling time in between the time period to achieve the final blend can be quite considerable. This, sometimes, can be a major pinch-point preventing greater productivity. Another consequence of an extended production window is that sometimes volatiles can be lost thereby making the dose inaccurate and, in a worst case scenario, fundamentally changing the characteristics of the finished product. This can have a significant negative impact on quality. Furthermore, the open-topped vessels required by the gravimetric principle allow these volatiles to evaporate and affect the environment surrounding the process and hence the working conditions for the operators. The alternative, using Bronkhorst CORI-FILL technology, is the simultaneous dosing of all additives within an enclosed vessel thereby decreasing the time to manufacture, improving productivity, quality and reliability whilst maintaining a more conducive working environment in terms of health and safety.

The practical use of the Bronkhorst CORI-FILL system is very much “plug and play” as it is factory calibrated and pre-configured to make life for the end user so much simpler. Similarly, the physical size of the Coriolis instrument itself, the close coupling of the valve or pump, and the modular design of accessories ensures a neat and compact design requiring minimal installation space – again making life for the end user so much simpler. In turn, this allows the user to install the control point directly at injection point thereby eliminating connecting pipe lengths, time-lag errors and trapped volume. The CORI-FILL system uses Coriolis technology which measures the true mass passing through the flow tube. This flow measurement is totally independent of the fluid properties thus ensuring that it is possible to use the instrument on multiple fluids whilst maintaining very accurate dose rates for each.  

The CORI-FILL system can dose from less than 0.1 g/hr up to above 1000 kg/hr with proven dose response times down to less than 300 milliseconds if required. This dosage rate response time is, however, configurable and can be tuned to the specifics of the actual process. Commonly the fastest response times are achieved using a pressurized liquid source and direct acting fast shut off valves under the control of the CORI-FILL software. Fast, but not quite as fast, responses can be achieved by using a proportional control valve or by directly controlling a pump. The latter two options are especially useful for slow-start (for example to minimise foaming) or slow-stop (for ultimate “top-up” precision) applications. Just one of the many strengths of the CORI-FILL system is that it has a dedicated output for either valve or pump control which means that the system can incorporate virtually any valve or pump technology. Within the flow-meter, the on-board PID controller can be used for optimising accuracy of the dose to levels approaching the measured uncertainty (0.2% of reading).  Further benefits of the Bronkhorst Coriolis technology include the measurement of real-time density and temperature of the flowing fluid;  a self-learning function ensuring “right first time”; user configurable freeware with a whole host of features; and an alarm function including minimum, maximum or response alarms (for example, if the fluid vessel runs empty it is possible to alarm on system response – an important feature to prevent compromise to the product quality, reduce down-time and prevent possible damage to other, perhaps more costly equipment and machinery). The system has the ability for multiple controllers to be networked together via a fieldbus, again assisting with installation, and allowing master/slave programming to function.

Finally, even aggressive media and potentially hazardous areas have been considered. Wetted parts are, as standard, 316L Stainless Steel but other grades of steel and exotics are available. The working environment is also considered – from simple laboratory use, perhaps within a housing, through IP65 and industrial use, to Hazardous Areas certified ATEX Zones 1 and 2.

In summary, Bronkhorst CORI-FILL technology is designed to be simple and straight forward, user-friendly and pre-configured to be plug-and-play. The benefits have been seen to be increased productivity, improved reliability and quality, reduced re-work, wastage and consumption of raw materials and a contributor to improved factory Health a Safety.

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