Shanghai Automobile (SAIC Group), who manufactured 4 million vehicles in 2011, has chosen Applied Pumps for the test-rig fuel pumps at the company’s Longbridge Technical Centre. SAIC are owners of the MG marque.

The requirement was for pumps that could supply fuel to their engine test facility however the pumps must run 24/7, they must be ATEX certified for an Ex zone 1 area and their output must be pulse free. Also due to the very nature of the application these pumps must have zero maintenance down-time during the test runs and be completely reliable.
Applied Pumps recommended the Tuthill D & T series for this particular application. These are magnetically-coupled gear pumps for transferring diesel from storage tanks to engine test rigs. They offer a safe, reliable, long- life solution within ATEX certified areas, ensuring a pulse-free flow and constant positive pressure. Proud distributors of Tuthill for 14 years, Applied Pumps have recently strengthened their range by now offering Tuthill Sotera diaphragm pumps and precision flow meters. With a fully-equipped engineering facility, they have the expertise to customise or modify any standard Tuthill product. 
Applied Pumps offers a range of Tuthill pumps, for instance the Tuthill leak free magnetically coupled pumps.
This is a range that’s found wide industry acceptance for its versatility, reliability and robust build standard. The external gear design offers flow that is relatively independent of pressure providing constant delivery with no pulsations and controlled volume. This is accurate and repeatable, making it highly suitable for metering applications.
Quality 316 stainless steel, hastelloy, titanium or engineered plastics construction with engineered plastic gears and bearings provides excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosive fluids.
Tuthill lubrication and circulation pumps handle many viscosities and sustain a constant flow at any pressure. With only two moving parts the internal gear design allows the pump to handle more viscosities than it’s competitors. Simple, compact design offers high efficiency and longer life. Positive Reversing Action – The unique reversing feature allows the lubrication and circulation pumps the ability to reverse flow without the use of valves.

The Tuthill L & C series are top-mounted, ported pumps that have been successfully performing lubrication and circulation duties for over 75 years! Applications include industrial gearboxes, compressors and fuel and oil transfer.

The Tuthill 1000 series are side-ported pumps with the option of bolting SAE/DIN flanges on to them, ensuring maximum flexibility of the porting arrangements. The pumps were originally designed to meet and exceed the exacting requirements of the refrigeration compressor market. Today they are solving problems across many industries and varying applications.

Tuthill global gear process pumps are capable of tackling the toughest high viscosity applications, these pumps handle everything from the bulk transfer of chocolate and asphalt to high temperature fluids and chemical processing.

Finally, Tuthill HD process pumps  are for the most demanding applications – slurries, high viscosity products, suspended solids, concentrated acids, chemicals, high temperature liquids, sludge, resins, sewage and scum, paints, polymers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, foods and shear sensitive fluids. These cirumferential, rotary positive displacement piston pumps are Tuthill’s severe-duty problem solvers. Heavy-duty build provides longer life in the toughest applications.