Castle Group Ltd of Scarborough has become approved to offer calibration on BW (by Honeywell) gas detectors. The company has added this to the ever broadening range of equipment it can offer for calibration and can provide the service to a broad range of BW instruments.

Simon Bull, Managing Director of Castle Group said, “This is a great development for Castle. We have been expanding our calibration offer for some time now and have been able to carry out calibrations on gas detectors of most makes. It is great to be in a position to put focus onto the BW range and it backs up our commitment to the selling of those products. I’m sure our customers will be pleased that we can now offer the full service.”

Castle’s range of calibration includes equipment for measuring Noise, Vibration, Temperature, Air Velocity, Humidity and light, among others and has grown considerably from humble beginnings when the company only ever dealt with sound measuring equipment.

The service manager for the company, Michael Mann stated, “It’s been an interesting journey and there’s plenty more to do but we are very pleased with the way we have been able to integrate the calibration of gas detection equipment into our procedures without too much difficulty. The training provided by BW was excellent and has given us the confidence to offer this to customers in the knowledge that we can do a good job.

For more information about Castle’s calibration services, telephone 01723 584250 or visit