A Pulsation Dampener is an accumulator with a set pre-charge of nitrogen that absorbs system pressure shocks and minimises pulsations, pipe vibration, water hammering and pressure fluctuations. By minimising pulsation in the system, components such as pumps, regulators, solenoids, sensors, etc., will see decreased wear and experience longer life. Pulsation dampeners are fitted directly onto the discharge manifold or plumbed immediately downstream of the pump.

Due to the design of positive displacement pumps, small pressure spikes are caused during each rotation. In certain operations, these spikes can cause accelerated wear or damage to the pump or downstream components. The installation of a pulsation dampener is the best practice to reduce pressure fluctuations.

Cat Pumps offers a wide assortment of pulsation dampeners to meet the demands of any application. The bladders are pre-charged with clean, dry nitrogen to eliminate moisture and extend the life of the pulsation dampener.

Typical Usage:

Used when a smooth output flow and pressure is required.


  1. – Pressurised bladder absorbs impact from pressure spikes, providing smooth flow.

  2. – Protects downstream components (e.g., regulator, unloader, relief valve).

  3. – Reduces water hammer.

  4. – Improved performance at low pump RPM.

Product Range:

  1. Flow Rate: 45–265 L/min

  2. Pressure: 100–500* bar

  3. * For higher pressures a repairable type is available, please consult Cat Pumps (U.K.) Ltd.

Available Materials:

  1. Outer Housing: Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel

  2. Bladders: Medium Nitrile (NBR), Fluorocarbon (FPM)

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