To meet the growing demand for clean, dry compressed air in the processing industry, the JUN-AIR range of oil-less air compressors from the Gast Group offers an unrivalled combination of low noise levels, reliability, long life and low maintenance.

With standard outputs of up to 260l/min at 8bar (120psi) – with higher pressure versions operating at 10 and 12bar (145 and 175psi) maximum available for special order – JUN-AIR’s oil-less range offers a complete compressed air solution. Its compressors can be supplied as separate units or complete solutions, with multiple outlet ports and adjustable feet, allowing flexibility for mounting positions. This makes them ideal for custom-designed applications to meet the requirements of OEM manufacturers.

With decibel ratings as low as 47dB(A) when housed in attractive soundproof cabinets, models in the OF oil-less range have the lowest noise levels available, making them ideal for providing a supply of compressed air for modern processing and packaging machinery and for installation in hygienic food manufacturing environments.

The OF range’s small footprint also makes them ideal for applications requiring a temporary need for compressed air, or the need for compressed air at a remote point of a processing plant where no access to the main network is available. They are also ideal for applications where the need for high-quality compressed air cannot be met by the main network. Here, typical applications include food packaging, quality control laboratories, metrology equipment and gas generators.  

To ensure the highest air quality throughout the lifetime of the oil-less compressor range, receivers are internally powder-coated to avoid corrosion. Adsorption dryers remove moisture to ensure 100% dry, clean oil free compressed air, with pressure dewpoints of -40°C. The dryer is located upstream of the receiver so the receiver only stores dry air. Units feature a unique cooling system and wear-resisting piston rings, and are designed for 100% continuous operation up to 10 bar maximum pressure. Higher pressure units are available.  

The Gast Group supplies leading equipment manufacturers worldwide with both standard and custom designed units.

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