Silverson explains how its range of mixers obtain consistent, repeatable results, time after time, which improves reliability, product quality and process efficiency

Increasingly manufacturers in the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemical industries are specifying mixing equipment based on its ability to obtain consistent, comparable results – both in terms of batch consistency and when going from the laboratory or pilot plant to full production.  More than ever before, scalability is a major factor in customers’ decision to purchase equipment.  This is especially the case with multi-site, multinational companies, where processing equipment is replicated in different locations – and consistent results are expected.

Fine tolerances

This has been central to Silverson’s philosophy for over 60 years.  We manufacture all our mixers – from laboratory units up to some of the largest mixing systems available – on-site in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.  They are all designed and engineered to the same high quality and fine tolerances, and there is a consistency in key factors such as tip speed, workhead geometry and shear rates which means that results obtained in the laboratory can be replicated with certainty in production.  Likewise, batch-to-batch consistency is assured.

To this end in the last few years Silverson has launched a number of new products, and in each case a laboratory version is available, ensuring that consistency across our product range is maintained. 


Over 40 interchangeable mixing units are available for use with Silverson’s L5 Series laboratory scale mixers; options include Sealed Units for processing highly infective or sterile materials, Tubular assemblies for narrow necked or small containers, twin-headed Duplex Disintegrator units and a special small scale In-Line assembly.  With a capacity range from 1 ml to 12 litres, the new generation of laboratory mixers offers a high level of instrumentation and automation via a digital touch pad and facilities to connect to PCs via a USB connection.  Functions include programmable timer, infinitely variable speed control, ammeter and tachometer, providing excellent repeatability when carrying out QA testing and other repetitive tasks.  In addition to the functional advantages, the touch pad control offers increased cleanliness and reliability.

Pilot plant equipment

Following on from this, Silverson has recently launched a new Pilot scale model, the AX5.  This heavy-duty unit combines the instrumentation and control of the laboratory mixers with the power and capacity of some of the smaller production units.  This year at PPMA, Silverson will be demonstrating a number of mixing assemblies designed for AX Series mixers that replicate some of our specialised mixers, including several units for incorporation of powders into liquids, and a brand new Ultramix model.  The Silverson Ultramix is a closed-rotor type mixer designed for those applications that are beyond the capability of conventional agitators but that do not necessarily require the intense high shear of a rotor stator mixer.  The Ultramix range includes ten models, from laboratory up to 7,000 litre production units.  At PPMA we’ll be launching the new Pilot Scale model for use with the AX Series, bridging the gap between the laboratory and full production.

Similarly, high shear In-Line mixers have advanced in recent years, in terms of hygienic construction and performance.  With the Ultra Hygienic UHS range Silverson now offers interchangeable single or multi-stage rotor/stator configurations, allowing the user to adapt the mixer for the widest range of applications.  With the launch of the Verso, a dedicated benchtop In-Line unit, we can now offer the same degree of versatility with a pilot scale In-Line mixer.  The Verso even features the same internal geometry and a tangential outlet, matching the configuration of the UHS Series, allowing users to streamline their scale-up process.

Data storage

Both the AX5 and Verso feature an integral tachometer, ammeter and programmable timer.  Like the L5 Series laboratory mixers, they also offer connectivity to PCs using a USB port and can be used with the Silverson DataLogger program.  This displays mixing time and current draw in a real time graph and stores the information in a database, ideal for process validation and ensuring repeatability.

These innovative new products ensure that consistent, repeatable results can be obtained, time after time, resulting in improved reliability, product quality and process efficiency – a Silverson mixer can cut mixing times by up to 90%.  Whether your application is in routine batch production, laboratory trials, research and development or when scaling up from the lab or pilot plant to full production, Silverson high shear mixers offer consistent quality across the entire product range, and unrivalled versatility and performance.