With LINK360, Brady’s new safety software, the process of managing, creating, reviewing, scaling and visualising safety procedures becomes a matter of clicks. LINK360™ Software is an extremely powerful tool enabling roll out of new or updated safety procedures across multiple sites and countries. To create visually instructive and compliant safety procedures, Brady has a team of field engineers on standby to assist on-site.

It can be a challenge to maintain, evaluate, properly scale and communicate safety procedures to make them available and adhered to in all facilities. This is essential for maintaining a safe workplace and reducing workplace accidents. LINK360 is a software platform that helps manage your safety information to maximise procedure consistency and accuracy in multiple sites and countries. Brady’s field engineers will help create visually instructive steps for maximum adherence in all company sites.

LINK360 offers three modules to help manage and scale your safety information. A dedicated Lockout/Tagout module assists in the creation and evaluation of Lockout/Tagout procedures, tags and energy source labels. The Lockout/Tagout module will also print procedures, including pictures and visual aids, to make them extremely visible and recognisable once they are attached to your machinery.

The Confined Space Permits module will help with classifying facility space as “permit required” confined spaces. The module supports permit requests and approval, and will log the permit history for auditing and reporting.

With the Equipment Reliability module you can streamline regular equipment check processes, even on a global level, and create or modify visually instructive maintenance procedures. Different user profiles can be created to control access to who may view, edit, or create templates and procedures.

LINK360 is a cloud-based platform accessible via PC, smartphone or tablet. It is possible to update a Lockout/Tagout procedure using a tablet while standing in front of your machinery. Free apps are available for download on Google Play and iTunes App Store.