Our pumps start with your specs and are designed to fulfil the demands and complex challenges of industrial process conditions.

  • Uncontaminated transfer, compression and evacuation of valuable and hazardous processing media at temperatures up to 240oC
  • ATEX compliant design
  • Sample gas pumps for mobile/stationary process gas analysis

KNF provides extensive advice, reliable service and customised flexible solutions. We work with you to design customised project pumps that give you a competitive edge. From configuration to testing conditions and packaging, your project pump is tailored to your needs.

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Introducing the N630 series pump range

Robust and durable, with high pressure and high gas tightness, the N 630 offers unparalleled capabilities. Suitable for a wide range of tasks in the areas of environmental measurement technology and process manufacturing as well as in the chemical industry.

The recently launched N630 series pump range is available in both exposion proof and non explosion proof versions.

With a long service life, positive pressure up to 12 bar rel (9 bar rel Ex version). and a flow rate of up to 68 l/min the N 630 series offer impressive performance. These cost-efficient and reliable diaphragm gas pumps can be used for emission measuring as well as applications in research, energy technology, process manufacturing, and the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Both versions of the N 630 are available in four variants: either one-headed or two-headed connected in either series or parallel, as a vacuum pump or compressor. All models come with an optimized, PTFE-coated diaphragm, which is the primary reason for the pump’s robustness and long service life. EPDM version is also available (non Ex version only). The stainless steel pump head design is also geared toward durability and easy maintenance. The advantage of high gas tightness is particularly valuable in noble gas applications, allowing noble gases to be recovered in an unaltered state and recycled. The robustness of the mechanical components is particularly advantageous when in continous operation under high pressure or at high ambient temperatures. The water cooling system makes the N 630 suitable for use at ambient and media temperatures of up to 60 °C (40oC Ex version)

The motor offers IP55 protection, can be used at 50 or 60 Hz and is designed to be operated with a frequency converter, allowing the pump’s rotational speed to be set to any operating point. The transfer rate is stable at all pressure levels, which enables rapid gas compression inside containers. The ultimate vacuum is as high as 25 mbar abs.