An exposed junction thermocouple is the simplest form of thermocouple. It consists of two pieces of thermocouple wire joined together with a welded bead.

Since they can be made very small, an exposed junction thermocouple can provide a very fast response time.

Labfacility offer PFA, PTFE and glass fibre cables with various terminations such as a moulded on miniature plug or bare wire tails.

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Labfacility Celebrates 50 years!

Labfacility are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and associated Temperature Instrumentation and stockists of Thermocouple Cables and in 2021 we will be celebrating 50 years of trading.

The Company is ISO 9001 accredited and has two UK sites – West Sussex and South Yorkshire and export to over 85 countries. 

 We are specialists in the design and manufacture of custom-built temperature sensors at our 18,000 square foot Yorkshire plant located in Dinnington. Shipments are made to world-wide destinations daily; technical and application advice is always freely available. 

Quality and Service are key elements in the continued growth of Labfacility; technical support for both sensing and instrumentation is always freely available from our experienced technical sales teams. 

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