VEGABAR 80 includes electronic Differential Pressure as a standard option in all sensors in the range. No special field electronics enclosures  or transducers, it only requires a standard device  with a ‘slave’ electronics module in the other. Simply connect them together for your e-DP system.  This means any two VEGABAR 80’s can be used, minimising cost, complexity and stocks. Mix housings: a level in a pressurised tank with a ‘submersible IP68’ sensor in a flooding bund with a standard housing on the top. Mix materials: a flush ceramic diaphragm on a filter with abrasive liquid and a recessed metal one after it.  Select  the sensor design: suspended, submersible ‘hydrostatic’ transmitters across screen differential in intake channels. The standard interconnecting distance is 25m, but can extend to over 100m. Connection sizes from ½” BSP/NPT (flush) upwards.  The accreditation portfolio includes ATEX, SIL, FDA, EHEDGE, 3A and Marine. Communications:  4-20mA, HART, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus.

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