Model 336 Temperature Controller

The first of a new generation of innovative temperature measurement and control solutions by Lake Shore, the Model 336 temperature controller comes standard equipped with many advanced features promised to deliver the functionality and reliable service you’ve come to expect from the world leader in cryogenic thermometry. The Model 336 is the only temperature controller available with four sensor inputs, four control outputs, and 150 W of low noise heater power. Two independent heater outputs providing 100 W and 50 W can be associated with any of the four sensor inputs and programmed for closed-loop temperature control in proportional-integral-derivative (PID) mode. The improved autotuning feature of the Model 336 can be used to automatically collect PID parameters, so you spend less time tuning your controller and more time conducting experiments.

In many applications, the unparalleled feature set of the Model 336 allows you to replace several instruments with one, saving time, money, and valuable laboratory space. Delivering more feedback, tighter control, and faster cycle times, the Model 336 keeps up with increasingly complex temperature measurement and control applications. It is the ideal solution for general-purpose to advanced laboratory applications. Put the Model 336 temperature controller to use in your lab and let it take control of your measurement environment.


  • Operates down to 300 mK with appropriate NTC RTD sensors
  • Four sensor inputs nad four independent control outputs
  • 4 PID-controlled outputs: 100 W and 50 W into a 50 or 25 O load and two low-power voltage outputs
  • Autotuning automatically collects PID parameters
  • Automatically switch sensor inputs using zones to allow continuous measurement and control from 300 mK to 1505 K
  • Custom display setup allows you to label each sensor input
  • Ethernet, USB and IEEE-488 interfaces
  • Supports diode, RTD, and thermocouple temperature sensors
  • Sensor excitation current reversal eliminates thermal EMF errors for resistance sensors
  • ±10 V analog voltage outputs, alarms, and relays

Cryogenic Temperature Sensors

Recently, Lake Shore Cryogenics hosted a webinar covering helpful, practical tips on how to choose the right type of sensor and packaging for the specific application and best practice for minimising installation errors and ensuring superior thermalisation in a cryogenic thermometry installation. Lake Shore Cryotronics Temperature Sensors ?Measure temperatures from <20 mK to over 1,500 K. There is a wide selection of diodes, RTDs, thermocouples, and mounting packages available.

Fundamentals for the Usage of Cryogenic Temperature Controllers

Cryogenic temperature controllers have been available for years, but users often have an incomplete understanding of their operating principles and of the closed-loop interactions between the controller and the controlled low temperature environment. The object of this paper is to address this problem by presenting some fundamental and practical concepts of control at low temperatures. The so-called “three-mode” or “PID” controller, utilising Proportional (gain), Integral (reset), and Derivative (rate) functions, will be discussed and examples given of its operation and adjustment. While the emphasis will be placed on analogue control systems, the advantages and disadvantages of digital versus analog control will also be presented. Read the full Application Note here.

Introducing the Model 224, Lake Shore’s Most Capable Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

The Lake Shore Model 224 temperature monitor offers precision measurement in a wide range of cryogenic and higher-temperature applications with the ability to easily monitor up to 12 sensor channels. It provides better measurement performance in applications where researchers need to ensure accuracy and precision in their low cryogenic temperature monitoring. Used with Lake Shore’s Cernox® sensors, the Model 224 enables reliable and repeatable temperature measurement over a broad range and as low as 300 mK. Want to see more? Ryan Oliver, Sensors and Instruments Product Manager at Lake Shore Cryotronics, gives you a quick look at the Model 224 in this video.

The Lake Shore Cryotronics range is available at Quantum Design UK and Ireland