In response to demand for boilers with capacities greater than the 4,787 kg/h of its RBC range, Fulton Limited is launching the FB range of rugged, robust and reliable horizontal firetube boilers in Europe. The introduction means that Fulton can now offer customers a range of traditional three-pass, wetback firetube boilers that can be configured for gas, oil or dual-fuel installations and for either steam or hot water applications.

Commenting on the launch of the new horizontal firetube range, Fulton’s sales and marketing manager Carl Knight says: “The FB range is ideal for a variety of applications including large-scale laundries that currently rely on Fulton horizontal boilers to provide a steady supply of steam for ironers, presses, washers and tunnels; as well as companies requiring steam or hot water for space heating; food, plastics and chemical processing; and pharmaceutical and bio-fuel production.”

The eight boilers in Fulton’s new highly-efficient FB range include two FB-S models with outputs of 4,699 kg/h and 6,266 kg/h and operating pressures of 12.8 barg, and six FB-C models with steam outputs from 7,810 kg/h to 25,000 kg/h at 10.34 barg. All models can deliver up to 20 barg on demand.

All boilers have a large steam disengagement area making them an ideal choice for low pressure steam applications; and fully modulating burners provide optimum performance to meet varying load demand. Compared to conventional controls, the microprocessor-based burner control system in Fulton’s FB range delivers improved functionality including automatic burner sequencing, system status function, system or self diagnostics and trouble shooting.

All models feature high-density insulation for very low heat loss; a corrugated furnace that maximises boiler efficiency and longevity while minimising thermal stress; an exhaust vent conveniently located at the back of the boiler; and a hand-welded assembly. In addition, the high-mass pressure vessels are covered by a three year warranty.

Options include a five year warranty on the pressure vessel; automotive feed water and condensate return systems; and a Fulton-designed and manufactured flue-gas economiser to improve boiler efficiency and save energy.

For further information on the new FB boiler range, call Fulton on 0117 972 3322, email or visit the new-look website