AppleTM creator, Steve Jobs once said; “…one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean and make it simple. But its worth it in the end because, when you get there, you can move mountains.”

Since the introduction of the plics® concept in 2003, VEGA’s vision has been to make all its process measurements truly simple. The newly developed VEGAFLEX  80 Series guided wave radar (GWR) is the latest step in the quest to do just this – simpler, versatile and more user friendly. GWR technology, with designs especially for liquids or solids level and interface measurement, is now the leading solution in the chemical, energy, pharmaceutical and food production industries, to name but a few.

Up and Running

VEGAFLEX 80 delivers a new level of performance and investment return for the technology. As with all plics®  devices, selection is simple, a new ‘Quick Start’ setup means it is up and running faster. There is an additional focus on reliability and measurement security. Built-in diagnostics enable fast servicing and maintenance, and intelligent, automated signal processing ensures a steady, maintenance-free operation. From raw materials storage, to process control,  to  storage of finished products – VEGAFLEX 80 delivers reliable measurement data.

VEGAFLEX 81, 83 and 86 – the all-rounders for liquids

VEGAFLEX 81 has all the approvals, material variants and process fittings for general applications. For pharmaceutical and food industries, there is VEGAFLEX 83 – with electro-polished housings, probes and process fittings, allowing cleaning that is absolutely hygienic and leaves no residues. A plastic coated rod version suits hygienic or aggressive applications.  In the energy sectors, where extremes of process pressure and temperature ranges are common, the VEGAFLEX 86 is capable of temperatures from -200 to 450 deg.C at 400 Bar, with minimal de-rating for either extreme.

VEGAFLEX 82 – Innovations for bulk solids measurement

The specially developed VEGAFLEX 82 features clever automated actions for bulk solids measurement. The device automatically monitors the dielectric constant (er) of the product, this means the level can also be measured indirectly through ‘run time change’ using ‘Probe End Tracking’ (P.E.T.) down to er 1.1.   For example, if the products’ reflectivity to microwaves is very low, or drops below the limit of what is directly measurable (er <1.4), then P.E.T. mode automatically switches in. This is useful for large measuring ranges or low er liquids and gases with liquids devices. The product dielectric  can also be output as well as the level, e.g. for moisture content monitoring of food stuffs or biomass.

Automatically better

Improving versatility and reliability of any new transmitter design is fundamental. VEGAFLEX 80 utilises high resolution processing to reduce or eliminate dead-band distances,  it incorporates automatic overfill protection and intelligent self-mapping for dynamic adaption to process conditions.  For security and integrity, VEGAFLEX 80 instruments set the standard with their probe design and monitoring functions. For highly toxic products, ‘second line of defence’ process containment is available. Sometimes, metal rod and cable probes are cut to length to suit an application, the sensor is able to automatically re-determine its length at the press of a button. Probe condition monitoring, warns of probe damage to ensure processes integrity. Comprehensive diagnostics with real time clock, event recording, integrated data logging (up to 100,000 values, from 0.3 second intervals) and asset management (NE107) to facilitate preventive maintenance and improved plant efficiency. VEGAFLEX 80 sensors use a new, unified PC-based, free ‘DTM/FDT’ setup, so all sensors are operated using one “family DTM” with ‘Quick Start’ wizards. The accreditation portfolio includes; ATEX, FM, SIL2/3, FDA, EHEDG and Marine. Communications: outputs 4-20mA(twin), HART, Profibus, FF and Modbus.

In summary, the new VEGAFLEX 80 with plics® system broadens the choice of materials, process fittings, housings, temperature and pressure capability. It combines even easier use with intelligent electronics and useful asset management tools. This makes the VEGAFLEX 80 guided wave radar transmitter as versatile as its applications are diverse.