Harsh-Duty contact block solutions for Hazardous locations from Rockwell automation.

Emergency Stop Applications:

The magnetically operated design of reed switches prevents their use with emergency stop devices. In contrast, the 800TC-XAF explosion-protected contact block features a positive-opening normally closed contact as required for conformance with global emergency stop standards. Additionally, the design allows contact block stacking which increases application flexibility and accommodates safety circuits for illuminated E-stop devices.
High Vibration Applications:
Reed switches are hermetically sealed in a glass envelope, which can be fragile and susceptible to damage from stress related to high vibration. The body of the 800TC-XAF explosion-protected contact block is moulded from an extremely durable thermoplastic resin, resulting in a contact block assembly that will maintain Class I Div. 2 integrity in the harshest applications.
In addition to the explosive nature of flammable gases, liquids or vapours potentially present in Class I Div. 2 applications, these materials can also be highly corrosive.
Features and benefits:
  • A reliable UL 1203 certified solution for Class I Div. 2 environments (Groups A, B, C and D)
  • Rugged construction ideal for use in applications involving shock and vibration
  • 1-NO, 1-NC, A600-rated contacts
  • Positive opening NC contact for global E-stop functionality
  • For use with a wide range of push buttons:

    • 800T 30 mm Type 4, 13
    • 800H 30 mm Type 4, 4X, 13
    • 800H/HL Type 7 and 9
    • 800R stations
  • Compatible with a broad variety of device types:
  • Momentary contact push buttons
  • Trigger action E-stops
  • Push-pull devices
  • Selector switches
  • Push-to-test pilot lights

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