Intertec has launched an explosion-proof smart programmable controller for precision temperature regulation of process instrumentation and analyser enclosures in hazardous environments. Suitable for use with any explosion-proof electric heater from Intertec’s range of compatible heaters, the Smart Controller 2.0 brings exceptional flexibility to thermal management.

Advanced facilities include fieldbus networking, extensive monitoring and diagnostic routines, programmable temperature ramping, data logging, and temperature monitoring with user-definable limits. A switching capacity of up to 10 A enables the controller to be used with explosion-proof heaters with power ratings as high as 2300 W, depending on the ambient and required enclosure/ equipment temperatures and the heater supply voltage. Heater systems based on Smart Controller 2.0 may be used to control the temperature of equipment or the surrounding air in an enclosure or cabinet very accurately, and are particularly suitable for use with analytical instruments that need to be maintained at high temperatures and are located in hazardous environments.

Typical applications include analysers handling difficult media in oil, gas and petrochemical processing plants.