Come and join HBM for a series of technical seminars this June at the Williams F1 Conference Centre, Oxon. 
These seminars and workshops provide a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge on new measurement technologies and quickly learn how to use the most modern measurement systems effectively and safely.

You can choose from up to six different topics:

  • Strain gauge seminar & workshop – 18th June
  • Amplifiers, Transducers & software seminar– 18th June
  • Data acquisition workshop – 19th June
  • How to calculate measurement uncertainty seminar – 19th Jun
  • Weighing technology seminar & workshop – 20th June
  • Integrated electric motor testing – data acquisition, analysis & torque theory – 20th June

A large section of the seminars have practical elements, enabling students to perform exercises on specially equipped workstations, and benefit from expert advice.

The workshops & seminars will be held in the Monaco, Monza & Silverstone suites of the prestigious Williams F1 Conference Centre, Grove, Oxon OX12 0DQ

Learn the latest trends on measurement technologies and discuss your questions with experts. For further details or to reserve your place, click here!
Places for each workshop and seminar are limited, and on a first come, first served basis.

HBM Technical Seminars

For more information:

Tel: 0208 515 6100