Hot water system eliminates Legionella risk

Dec 31, 2011 | Heat Transfer

Problem: A prison needed to replace an antiquated and potentially dangerous, domestic hot water system serving 372 inmates. The system was struggling to cope with demand and the pipe-work that delivered hot water to the different facilities was in poor condition.

Furthermore, there was no system for water treatment or maintenance and water quality was rarely checked. Since the pipe-work urgently needed replacing, it was decided to upgrade the entire hot water system.

Solution: Alfa Laval’s Aqua Protect tap water system was installed because it is safe, reliable and eliminates the risk of Legionella infection.

Continuous thermal disinfection of incoming and circulating water provides Legionella-free domestic hot water. The system consists of five AquaProtect units, each with a reaction and storage tank. Its compact size saves valuable space in the boiler room.

A plug and play system, installation is quick and easy and needs very little maintenance. No additional energy is required to provide thermal disinfection since an integral heat exchanger recovers sufficient energy for the purpose. Consequently, the system is extremely energy-efficient. It becomes more so when connected to ‘free’ energy sources such as solar or heat pumps.