Improving the accuracy of bulk solids inventory measurement

Mar 5, 2013 | Flow & Level

The application of the latest non-contact scanning technology to a new range of level measurement systems has resulted in the introduction of a 3D Volume Scanner System, which is available from Allison Engineering. The system is designed specifically for bulk-solid inventory measurement applications, where accounting for large quantities of solid material has traditionally been largely guesswork.  

The scanner system eliminates the problems associated with conventional ‘point-level’ devices which only measure distance to a single point. Whilst this may be adequate for liquid applications, it is not suitable for solids, where the product is uneven. The system is designed to take multiple measurements of the product profile to build a three dimensional map of the bay, silo, vessel or stockpile. Based on the volumetric measurement and also the product density, operators are able to identify both the total inventory and also the product profile. 
With this information, which was previously unavailable, operators can reduce safety stock levels which can have a beneficial effect on cash flow. Furthermore, the system also helps to identify product build-up, so operators can maximise production efficiencies and analyse their process in greater detail.                                                                                                                                                                      
End of week or month stock discrepancies, which can create friction between finance and operations departments, can be better understood with more accurate and realistic inventory measurement and 3D imaging.
Allison Engineering