Christchurch, UK – Tuesday, 04 June 2013 – Penny + Giles – a product brand of Curtiss-Wright Controls Industrial and leading designer and manufacturer of position sensors, solenoids and joysticks – has introduced two new in-cylinder linear transducers suitable for intelligent mobile hydraulics. 

The ICT800 and ICT820 models combine the best features of the company’s LVDT and potentiometer technologies into a single, rugged and reliable displacement transducer which, using contactless inductive coil technology, means both provide an almost limitless and maintenance-free working life with a class-leading body-to-stroke length ratio.

Additionally, both the ICT800 and ICT820 models have signal conditioning integrated into the transducer’s flange, which simplifies installation and eliminates interconnecting cables that can reduce the reliability of a control system.

The ICT800 features 12bit resolution and operates from either an 8 to 30Vdc (unregulated) supply or a 5Vdc (regulated) supply and provides an absolute analogue output signal of either 0.5 to 4.5Vdc or 0.2 to 4.8Vdc over the selected measurement range. The transducer is factory configured for measurement range, output range and low-high output position; and uses an on-board microcontroller to linearise the transducer coil signal to less than ±0.1% non-linearity.

The ICT820 features 13bit resolution with a CAN SAE J1939 interface and also operates from an 8 to 30Vdc or 5Vdc supply. The ICT820 is also factory configured for measurement range and low-high signal output position and has a choice of five Baud Rates, three Frame Rates and multiple Node ID options for the interface. The use of an integrated CAN interface allows the device to be directly connected to the fieldbus and operate as a slave device, without the need to use cost intensive I/O or gateway modules.

Both new models have sensor body diameters of 8mm, making them ideal for small-bore cylinder applications or for installation into hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders where space is at a premium. They offer a choice of internal or threaded external flange mounting configurations to suit tie-rod, welded and rear clevis-mounted cylinder types with stroke ranges from 25 to 1000mm.

Two core configurations are available. A sleeved core version allows cylinder rods to be easily machined to accommodate the sleeve and provides OEMs with the option of retro-fitting existing servo-cylinders with an upgrade to ICT technology. Threaded- core versions provide designers with the smallest body size available and easiest installation, requiring only minimal machining.

The ICT800 and 820 in-cylinder linear transducers are constructed in stainless-steel, have a working pressure of 670bar (10,000psi) and an operating temperature range from -40 to +125°C. Designed to survive in environments prone to extremes of vibration and shock, they are also suitable for use in a wide range of system fluids that include mineral, synthetic, fire retardant, water glycol and eco-fluids.

For further information on the ICT800 and ICT820 in-cylinder linear transducers call Penny + Giles on +44 (0)1202 202000, email or visit