Coltraco Ultrasonics is marking a new step into the process and control applications through the introduction of their improved ultrasonic flow measurement technology, to complement their 30 years’ expertise in ultrasonic level detection technology. 

This year we have launched an upgraded platform of our non-invasive, clamp-on ultrasonic transit time flowmeter, the Portasonic® 2.FL0. You can now quickly, easily and non-invasively measure liquid flow rates and velocities in pipes from DN15 – DN2500 and above, with measurements available in both metric and imperial units.

We have introduced software improvements for improved accuracy and reliability in the field. We have also introduced hardware changes in the form of a new sensor design, now IP66 rated and are small and compact to fit in tight spaces.

A prominent new feature we have added is a built-in thickness gauge which includes A-scan functionality to view your measurement in order to help understand your pipe condition and improve wall thickness accuracy measurements.

There is also an added menu to display heat quantity or energy measurements based on the measured volumetric flow rate. All types of measurements can be individually totalised giving you the total flow rate that has been measured during a particular measurement session.

The Portasonic 2.FL0 has a large internal database of pipe, fluid and lining materials and can accommodate additional materials, saving you time whilst allowing for user customisation.

Overall, the new, upgraded Portasonic 2.FL0 will help you improve the accuracy and reliability of your flow rate measurements and together with our commitment to lifetime technical support, we will be on hand to assist you with your application and requirements. 

Portasonic 2.FL0 is part of the latest integrated range of level-flow-pressure solutions from Coltraco Ultrasonics. Discover more today: or contact