Combining the Digital positioner and the battery back-up plug and play function conversion kits produces a failsafe modulating smart electric actuator.

As with the previous versions, the J3C-S smart electric actuator automatically senses the supply voltage and simply needs the supply being hooked up to the external Din plugs, supplied with the actuator, and conditional that the supply is between 24V and 240V AC or DC, the S Type smart electric actuator will work. Simple, quick, easy and with minimal labour costs to install.

Probably the most popular feature the J3 series introduced in 2008, the LED status light, is upgraded from a single red indication to multi-colour in the new S Type. With green for open, red for closed, flashing amber and green for closing, amber and red for closing, and blue for the modulating function, the amount of visual actuator status feedback to the user has been significantly improved. With different flashing colours and sequences to advise users typically of the S type actuator being in manual mode, or  that the valve may be jammed, the J3C-S gives at-a-glance operation status feedback which speeds fault identification and rectification and eliminating costly down-time.

Following the theme J+J started in 2008 with their innovative J3 range, the new ‘S’ smart actuator can have its on-off function quickly and easily changed to become a smart failsafe actuator, a smart modulating , or smart failsafe modulating actuator by installing their plug and play conversion kits.

The plug and play battery back-up system that J+J have employed for over 15 years is given some minor technical updates and is the other widely used plug and play function conversion kit available with the J3C-S range. Comprising a control circuit board containing a trickle charger and a separate industrial rechargeable battery, once charged this internally installed alternate power source will send the new smart S Type actuator to a pre-set ‘safe’ position should external power be lost, if not already in that position. The BSR – Battery ‘Spring Return’ – has been a hugely popular accessory for the J3 series of actuators as it provides a very competitive spring-less solution to creating failsafe functionality as opposed to mechanical spring failsafe electric actuators where the motor has to overcome the valve and spring torque and is therefore significantly more powerful, and expensive.

With healthy stock levels maintained in Matlock, Derbyshire, J+J UK offer exceptional on-off, failsafe and modulating smart electric actuator availability. The unrivalled flexibility of an on-off 24-240V AC or DC smart actuator being converted to a failsafe actuator, or modulating actuator, or failsafe modulating actuator in a few minutes, allows J+J UK to offer its customers excellent levels of service.

New from the European electric actuator manufacturer J+J is the ‘S’ Type, the latest model in the hugely popular J3C range of plastic housed electric actuators, available from stock at J+J Automation UK’s Matlock works. The ‘S’ denotes their patent pending single multi-voltage capability with automatic voltage sensing, another first for the leaders in electric valve actuator innovations.

Combining the smart ‘S’ Type electric actuator with a wide range of industrial ball and butterfly valves, J+J Automation are a highly rated ISO9001:2015 quality assured actuated valve supplier, and have been supplying actuated ball valves and actuated butterfly valves for over 21 years. Every actuator, or actuated valve package is dry bench function tested prior to despatch.

The new modulating plug and play function conversion kit eliminates the mechanical potentiometer feedback system used in former versions in favour of digital magnetic position sensing, producing a very accurate proportional control system with no risk of wear-out of mechanical components within it. Accepting input signals of 0-10V, 1-10V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA with corresponding output signals as standard, selection of the signal type is by a new internal dip switch. On loss of control signal the new DPS -digital positioning system – can fail low (close), fail high (open) or can fail freeze. The DPS is truly plug and play as it self-calibrates once installed.

The J+J electric actuator’s polyamide housing is a perfect partner for plastic valves but whilst the J+J electric actuator has partnered most of the world’s leading names in plastic ball and butterfly valves over the years, it is just as comfortable operating metal ball and butterfly valves. From actuated economy brass ball valves to stainless steel V control ball valves, WRAS approved cast iron to hygienic stainless steel butterfly valves, J+J UK has a solution, as a quick tour of the all new web site will show.

Visit their web site at or call their sales team on +44 (0)1629 55577 to see how J+J Automation UK can help with your actuated valve requirements. Please mention this article in the Process & Control e-newsletter when you call.

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