Just the right mix

Jan 18, 2012 | Food Processing & Packaging

Problem:?Conveying chocolate in a production process is not simple, as the hydraulic and thermal conditions have to be determined to successfully transport the chocolate masses through the system. This was the issue faced by premium chocolate manufacturer Heidi Chocolat of Romania.

Solution: Heidi placed an enquiry for a conveyor with bulk materials handling equipment company Guttridge. The conveyor had to be capable of handling a duty of 160kg/h of nuts and 560kg/h of chocolate.

Guttridge subsequently won the order, supplying a Augaflo 150 with a water jacket. An existing screw feeder feeds the nuts into the first inlet of the Augaflo 150. As the nuts are conveyed they are introduced to the incoming chocolate feed from the second inlet. Immediately passing through the heated section, the action of the screw conveys and mixes the two ingredients together.

The installation was a success – by adjusting the feed rates between the two conveyors the required ratio of nuts to chocolate is achieved.