Safe emission protection and product recovery in processes handling explosive media.

The new KNF N 680.1.2 Ex is an explosion-proof diaphragm pump for transferring explosive gases and vapors.

Strict regulations are in place for the processing and distribution of explosive gases. KNF meets current standards with a new ex-proof pump. The N 680.1.2 belongs to a small group of emission protection and media recovery pumps that run oil-free and are ATEX-compliant in their performance category.

From power supply to countless industrial processes, gases are almost always involved. This very versatility raises the question of how these resources, which are often valuable or environmentally critical, can be used sustainably. Where can products lost during process engineering be recovered, treated and reused? On the other hand, the environment needs to be protected, and damage from volatile organic compounds (VOC) must be prevented. Emission protection and recovery systems are therefore crucial when working with gasoline, additives, diesel, kerosene, alcohol, biofuels and crude oil.

The new N 680.1.2 Ex combines the safety of an explosion-proof diaphragm pump with the trusted reliability and high-quality, low-maintenance performance by KNF. Highly chemically resistant, the N 680.1.2 Ex transfers explosive gases and vapors. A flow rate of 220 l/min and an ultimate vacuum of 150 mbar abs. make for a high-performance pump for important tasks in process manufacturing. Thanks to these features, this ex-proof pump is particularly suitable for all applications where flammable gases are recovered or the escape of those gases must be prevented.

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