Hi-line Industries, an established and reputable UK manufacturer of high-quality compressed air purification equipment, has unveiled the latest generation of its flagship HBP-ZL absorption air dryers.

With the latest upgrade, Hi-line can now place more emphasis on meeting specific customer requirements. For instance, although the new-generation HBP-ZL absorption air dryers feature a high-quality Siemens touch-screen controller as standard, Hi-line can install whatever controller the customer desires. This flexibility in terms of choice is extended further through the availability of TÜV and PED or ASME 8 vessels, along with stainless steel or galvanised pipework options. For OEM customers, the system can even be branded to suit compressor equipment, if required.

Hi-line has also focussed on minimising TCO (total cost of ownership) with the latest generation systems. Energy consumption is one of the primary contributors to TCO, which is why HBP-ZL equipment offers the lowest possible running costs of any similar dryer, principally through constant automatic fine tuning of its innovative AEMS – Automatic Energy Management System.

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