So what are the benefits of the latest in the series of accurate and reliable On-Line Dewpoint Hygrometers from Alpha Moisture Systems, let’s take a closer look.  The Model 6020 incorporates an ultra high capacitance aluminium oxide sensor combined with the latest electronics and software for optimum reliability and accuracy.  

This has resulted in a powerful “next generation” dewpoint analyser that allows the user to quickly and easily determine the dewpoint in gases (including SF6) and dry compressed air.  One of the many helpful features of the Model 6020 is the on-board Automatic Calibration (AutoCal) function allowing the user to verify the integrity of the sensor. In addition to the many new functions and features included, is a built in pressure dewpoint calculator including data for Natural Gas and the option to log to a PC, to name just some. The sensor is ATEX certified for Intrinsic Safety and can be used in Hazardous Areas.

The hygrometer is panel mounted and is primarily designed to monitor the dewpoint between the range of -110°C to +20°C (-166°F to +68°F )dp, (or equivalent to 1.6ppb(v) to 23,000ppm(v)).

To learn more, download the latest datasheet from or Call +44 (0) 1274 733 100.