HBM has developed LabVIEW Virtual Instruments (VIs) giving system manufacturers an integrated solution to ensure convenient control in system tests with the simultaneous measurement of high-precision data acquisition from equipment such as HBM’s QuantumX family. The compact and flexible solution also meets the needs of small and mid-size test benches, such as those used to examine car seats or closing systems.

In addition to gaining full integration of the data acquisition information in LabVIEW, system manufacturers can start with freely defined analog or periodic signals and output individual analog values or scaled input signals. The LabVIEW Virtual Instruments are designed to offer all system manufacturers maximum flexibility combined with the highest measurement quality for demanding test tasks.

HBM’s QuantumX family has been designed to optimally meet the data acquisition requirements of system tests while LabVIEW is a proven software solution in test benches because it features a great deal of programming flexibility.

HBM’s MX840A universal amplifier, for example, can operate all commonly used sensors required for functional, environmental and long-term tests while capturing mechanical, electrical and thermal quantities with high precision. It also features CAN channels for communication with electronic control devices while supporting control device protocols CPP and XCP-on-CAN. The addition of the MX879 Multi-I/O module can be used to record states and output switching or setpoint signals.