MCP Consulting & Training is to run a one day seminar exploring the background to Operator Asset Care (OAC), with contributions from senior production and manufacturing directors from companies such as Novartis, United Biscuits, Heineken and PZ Cussons. 

OAC is based on the principle that the people operating production equipment on a daily basis are the ones most capable of improving equipment reliability and performance. It creates a culture where operators develop ‘ownership’ of their equipment and work with maintenance, engineering and management to ensure that equipment operates properly every day. The day will be conducted by MCP consultants in partnership with industry colleagues who have overseen and managed programmes within their own organisations.

The seminar will take place at MCP Consulting & Training, Blythe Valley Business Park, Solihull, West Midlands on 7th February 2013. The day will be split up into presentations and workshop groups. Workshop high-lights include:

•Why is Operator Asset Care critical to success?

•Overcoming barrier using OAC & AMIS

•OAC within a TPM programme

•OAC as part of Global TPM programme

•Developing Advanced team members for OAC activities

•MCP’s approach to OAC