LEISTER’s HOTWIND SYSTEM 230v 3680W is impressive with its’s wide range of applications suitable for industrial heat processes such as shrinking packaging, sterilising tools or even smoothing and shining for a gloss finish on manufactured goods. This standalone heater is ideal for fast paced production lines; its ‘Plug in and Go’ operation is designed to deliver an immediate and cost-effective solution where setting up process heat is needed in the shortest amount of time. This way production demands can be made easily controllable and more manageable in the workplace.

The HOTWIND has the highest power output in the SYSTEM range and is a user-friendly product with a compact design proving easy to use.  One of the main features of the HOTWIND is the digital display which provides more visible control for operators. Its effortless system shows the setpoints and actual values with temperature specifications, ensuring precision is managed throughout the work process and driving a high-quality performance. These temperature settings are easily made adjustable up to 650°c which would come in handy for various types of work including separating or fusing materials. Temperature and air volume can be controlled using analogue potentiometer dials at the side of the HOTWIND, with air volume that can range from 200-900 l/min allowing the operator full control of the blower.

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The HOTWIND also benefits from its own integrated remote-control alarm system which helps productions monitor power settings. The HOTWIND SYSTEM is capable of alerting production management of any air volume or heat output fluctuations ensuring safe control in order to maintain quality performance. Cleverly combined and made easily functionable, the blower has an integral operating button for programming purposes made essential for work that requires specific and steady temperature use.

An innovative feature is its auto cooling factor which protects against the device and element from overheating, creating a safe environment during production process. This would be a great advantage for a busy production facility who are not perhaps as aware of heating malfunctions making LEISTER’s HOTWIND an ideal partner for many types of heat processes. This way your HOTWIND will be fit for continual operation, boasting a long service life with its brushless motor therefore maintaining maximum uptime in production. For greater power output will increase blower speeds, the SYSTEM is the pinnacle of the HOTWIND range.

Developed by LEISTER – the leading name in process heat applications, the HOTWIND is supplied in the UK by Welwyn Tool Group. Welwyn supply the full range of Leister plastic welding and industrial process heat equipment and offers highly competent technical support by their team of dedicated engineers.

For further information and technical advice for equipment in this field, please contact Welwyn Tool Group on 0800 856 0057, email them on info@welwyntoolgroup.com, or visit their website www.welwyntoolgroup.com.