Scorpion Vision is launching two low cost, high-speed, high resolution machine vision cameras at the PPMA

Show 2021 (NEC, Birmingham UK, 28-30 September 2021). They are both characterised by ultra-fast frame

rate capabilities at full resolution, but are available at a highly attractive price point.

The 25 Mpixel Hypersen HPS-HSC5K offers frame rates of 150 fps at full resolution, while the 2.2 Mpixel

Hypersen HPS-HSC2K offers frame rates of 1490 fps at full resolution. These new cameras are ideally

suited to applications where both spatial resolution and speed are critical requirements, including a host of

inspection applications on high-speed production lines as well as high-speed process and machinery

diagnostics and logistics applications.

The standard C-mount cameras utilise high performance global shutter CMOS sensors with large pixel sizes

to reduce noise for high quality imaging. With GenICam and GenTL support, and an easy to install and use

SDK, the cameras can readily be integrated into machine vision inspection systems or OEM equipment. A 40

Gigabit Ethernet optical fibre interface is provided for high-speed image data transmission over long


Flexible triggering options are provided for exposure optimisation. These include automatic exposure,

external trigger exposure and software trigger exposure. Built-in image processing capabilities include Fixed

Pattern Noise denoising, Photo Response Non-Uniformity correction, gamma correction, lens correction,

adjustable region of interest (ROI), gain adjustment, horizontal and vertical binning and left/right and

up/down mirroring. By reducing the ROI on the sensor, even higher frame rates can be achieved, while still

maintaining impressive resolution. For example with the HPS-HSC5K, 240 fps can be achieved at 10 Mpixel

resolution and with the HPS-HSC2K, 2971 fps are possible at 1 Mpixel resolution.

Typical high-speed defect inspection applications for these cameras include checking product, packaging

and labels. The key areas are verification, measurement and flaw detection. Other applications include

reading of 1D and 2D codes and optical character reading and verification. In warehouses and distribution

centres, high speed code reading on large boxes with a small barcode requires the use of megapixel

cameras to provide the resolution needed since the code occupies just a small part of a large field of view.

High-speed vision systems can also significantly improve the accuracy of diagnostic analysis and

maintenance operations in industrial manufacturing applications such as bottling lines, packaging

manufacture, food production lines, plastic container manufacture, pharmaceutical packaging, component

manufacturing, paper manufacture and printing. Even minimal discrepancies can cause an entire production

line to come to a standstill. Sequences of images of high-speed process machinery mechanisms can be

recorded and reviewed, either frame by frame or using slow motion playback both for machine set-up and

process monitoring.