A new year presents the ideal opportunity to introduce a whole new approach to streamlining any process or control facility. Brady’s expert offers guidance on how to do this…

We’re all guilty of adopting a ‘manana’ approach occasionally but as they say, tomorrow never comes! Choose now to put a few simple changes in place that can save you serious amounts in time and money whatever the size or sector of your industrial concern.

1. Signage – keep it in house

The ability to produce signage in-house is invaluable both from a safety and logistics perspective. With the ability to produce on-demand, legible signs you can immediately alert your workers to any potentially unsafe area or situation, saving possible accidents. Similarly, if you need to temporarily re-route depot or despatch traffic, clear and custom-produced signage is a much cheaper and more efficient option than deploying personnel on re-direction duty.

2. Portable Lockout/Tagout stations – always accessible

One of our most successful and simple lockout/tagout solutions is our portable kit range. Why? People are far more likely to use equipment if it is close to hand and convenient for them to access. Additionally, if a machine that needs to be locked out has to be left unattended while an employee hunts around for a suitable lockout device, what guarantee is there that an accident won’t occur in the meantime?

3. Lean – a common-sense approach

I know a lot of managers steer clear of management schemes thinking it’s all about jargon and buzzwords. While I can’t speak for all schemes I do know that the Visual Workplace seminars I have attended have made perfect sense and offer a lot of opportunity for savings in both time and outlay. Take maintenance as an example. Did you know that lubrication errors are one of the most common causes of equipment failure? To reduce the risk of this kind of breakdown ensure employees know a)the correct lubricant for any particular machine b)readily detect the proper levels and c)apply the right amount in the right place. Colour coding visual markers is quick, easy and shows at-a-glance what action needs to be taken.

4. Asset Tracking – capital expenditure protected

How much of your company’s capital is tied up in company equipment such as laptops? More than you’d probably care to admit perhaps. How safe and secure is all that portable hardware? Barcodes and software can monitor the use and status of equipment, protecting your investment and information. Over the years our brand protection division has grown to offer the most sophisticated anti-counterfeiting methods to some of the best-known global brands, so we have a valuable heritage in asset tracking and protection at every level.

Incorrect lubrication causes a large number of machine breakdowns, so it’s important to get it right5. Pipe Marking – are you GHS compliant?

Don’t be caught out by new legislation. Our new range of pipemarkers ensures you can be fully compliant with the new GHS symbols and pictograms. Clear pipemarking not only identifies what a pipe is carrying, but should also indicate direction of flow to not only save time but also potential accidents. Brady’s pipemarkers are manufactured to withstand the rigours of life underwater, on an oil or petrol platform or simply in harsh industrial situations. The identification lasts and remains durable for years.

Well, I hope I may have given you some inspiration to investigate a few changes and improvements. As ever if you want to book a free, no-obligation site visit please contact us at csuk@brady_europe.com or visit www.bradyeurope.com.