Research carried out by compressed air equipment manufacturer Atlas Copco, has revealed that UK Industry will save over 16.5 millionkWh of energy in 2012 as a result of using the company’s energy efficient Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressors. The amount of energy saved is the equivalent to that needed to make a massive 663 million large cups of tea, or a reduction in CO2 emissions of just under 9 million kg.

Paul Clark, business line manager at Atlas Copco’s UK Industrial Air Division commented: “VSD technology has been in use for many years, and has consistently proven its effectiveness in a number of different compressed air applications. Despite this, many businesses are still not using VSD compressors, even with the availability of affordable funding options. Our newly released figures clearly demonstrate the significant energy saving potential of Atlas Copco VSD compressor technology and the lucrative capital and carbon savings they provide to UK businesses.”

The amount of kWh energy represents enough electricity to power over 5000 UK households.

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