Mobile SCADA software company SCHAD has announced its international expansion with the opening of a new office in London. James Hannay has been appointed managing director UK and senior vice president global sales & marketing.

The company has developed EXTEND7000, a mobile SCADA system which allows engineers supporting automated systems within facilities such as manufacturing plants and utilities sites to monitor and control multiple systems remotely, using any mobile device from any location. EXTEND7000 is said to provide a rapid return on investment by targeting system downtime through rules-based distribution of alarm and escalation notifications direct to a relevant engineer or technician.

“We are at the tip of the iceberg as the use of mobile applications within business starts to really take hold, thanks to the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets which already run many aspects of our lives,”?said Christian Schad, founder and CEO of SCHAD?GmbH. “It is a natural extension to apply a new layer of enterprise mobility to help companies using automation systems gain better control and reduce the costs of system downtime – and as many companies introduce automation, in the distribution centre, production facility or for transportation services, the issue of downtime reduction will be increasingly important.”

James Hannay added: “Having specialised in supply chain industries for many years there was a huge opportunity for companies to introduce mobility to a completely new area of their workforces, namely the highly skilled engineers responsible for managing automated systems monitored by SCADA and controlled by PLC?technology. Many companies already have a wireless infrastructure so it’s a logical transition to put this to greater use with mobile applications.”