Machine to Machine (M2M) is here to stay, from smart metering to data collection for compliance reasons and inventory management. Powelectrics award-winning ‘Metron’ telemetry solutions are proven globally in a range of sectors including chemical & petrochemical, food production/distribution, transport, water & waste, environmental and factory automation. People want the convenience of accurate, real-time data, wherever they are. Powelectrics telemetry solutions gather data from sensors and machines, delivering it to where it is needed, be this a smart phone, our purpose-built platform or integrated into the customer’s existing software.

Also known as the ‘Internet of Things’, M2M offers rapid payback, delivering operational, environmental and financial benefits.  A great example is tank level monitoring.  Powelectrics have thousands of installations with distributors of bulk liquids and gases, including fuels, lubricants, chemicals and even milk and also businesses that collect bulk product, such as waste oils, and by-products of food and chemical production. Powelectrics telemetry allows them to reduce logistics costs by only delivering or collecting when necessary. They offer excellent service by removing the need for customers to check their own levels, guaranteeing that they will never run out or overfill and often securing longer contracts as well as cutting costs.

Powelectrics technology is also used by customers to warn of machinery breakdown, leakage, theft or safety breaches. Examples include monitoring pressure in pumps, flow in pipework and temperature in server and switch rooms to give early warning of potential service failures. Metron telemetry can be used to monitor virtually anything that can be measured with an electronic sensor and send that data to the place where you need it. Powelectrics kit has been used for everything from monitoring the temperature of ice rinks to counting the number of people visiting a showroom after a marketing campaign.

Dave Oakes explains: “Powelectrics recognised the need for telemetry, Machine2Machine and the Internet of Things twenty years ago. Our technology provides a bridge between the world of sensors & instrumentation and that of information technology/ telecommunications.  Our agile software allows bespoke data presentation to be developed quickly and affordably.”

“Companies have become leaner during the recession and can use our solutions to facilitate growth, whilst keeping control of overheads and minimising risk.“Powelectrics are in a strong position, offering class-leading, globally capable solutions.This has been borne out by the number of new sectors enquiring and successful trials in new applications that are proving the technology and the business need. Every day brings new opportunities to develop the solution and help our customers maximise business efficiency.”


Affordable, Reliable and Flexible Telemetry

One great advantage of Powelectrics ‘Metron’ telemetry devices is that you can use a single device and SIM card to monitor multiple sensors, offering great economy. This means you could monitor the level in multiple tanks on one site with a single device, or several measurable elements on the same system, such as a weather station measuring hours of daylight, temperature and rainfall.

Metron devices can use mains, battery or solar power, meaning they can be used even in truly remote environments. This is aided by the fact that devices are remotely programmable and do not require an experienced programmer, just a simple user guide for setup. They will send readings at user-defined intervals, as well as on alarm to a computer or mobile phone and they have an integral display, which helps with in-situ setup and test, as well as replacing costly local gauges.

Powelectrics user-friendly data collection and viewing platform, ‘MetronView’ is easily ‘badged’ with corporate colours and logos, so it appears as your own and offers bespoke reports and data exports to suit the way you work. Data can be integrated to existing systems or even hosted on your own server.  “Micro sites” can be created quickly and affordably to present data in your preferred format.

Powelectrics ‘Metron’ telemetry uses GPRS communication to minimise costs and have excellent deals on SIMs, including global roaming. However, our solutions can incorporate a wide range of communications methods cover both wired and wireless, with PSTN & private wire, GSM/GPRS, Licensed and De-licensed radio, ADSL, Ethernet, PROFINET, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, IEC60870-5-104, CANopen, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, BACNet, LON, Modbus, Mewtocol, IEC60870-5-101, and others. Redundant systems can incorporate multiple means of communications so you always have a backup.

About Powelectrics

Established in 1983, Powelectrics offer customers extensive experience in monitoring, control and automation and specialise in telemetry applications that monitor fluid levels, stock levels and environmental conditions.

Powelectrics also supply a vast range of quality sensors and are UK distributors for EGE and Di-Soric sensors. Our expertise encompasses flow, level, pressure, proximity, temperature,

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