ON Semiconductor (ONNN), driving energy efficiency innovations, has further strengthened its portfolio of products for motor control applications with the introduction of two new solutions for a variety of industrial, white goods and consumer applications.

The new LV8714TA is an extremely energy efficient dual stepper motor driver with operating voltages ranging from 4 volts (V) and 16.5 V. Featuring constant current control for its on-chip quad H-bridge channels, this device is capable of driving two stepper or four DC motors independently. The device’s power FETs with total on-state resistance of only 0.9 ohm (O) for one leg and synchronous rectification type switching allow its power consumption to be kept to a minimum while not in full operation. The device supports a low power saving mode with ultra-low standby current (< 1 µA) to minimise power consumption when in idle state. The proprietary internal current sense mechanism ensures loss-less current measurement without any external power resistor, thus enhancing the energy efficiency of the system solution. On-chip regulators enable single supply operation of the device and lower the system solution footprint. Supporting an operating ambient temperature range of-20 °C to +85 °C, this device can cope with the most demanding needs of industrial environments. It has built-in thermal shutdown, low-voltage shutdown and over-current protection mechanisms that enable a highly reliable system solution. Among the wide variety of applications that this device addresses are security camera systems, point of sale (PoS) terminals, document scanners and multi-function printers.

Also being unveiled at Electronic are the STK5Q4U352J-E and STK5Q4U362J-E 600 V rated integrated power modules (IPM) with an internal bootstrap circuit for high side gate drive. Offered in a compact DIP format, these modules contain all the key functionality required for high voltage 3-phase motor drive implementations. They can be incorporated into air conditioning, industrial motor control, washing machine, dish washer and refrigerator designs. The IPM’s output stage employs sophisticated IGBT/FRD technology to enable elevated levels of performance. It delivers a highly effective single control power supply thanks to the internal bootstrap circuit. All of its control inputs and status outputs are at low voltage levels, in order to make them directly compatible with widely used system microcontrollers. Under-voltage protection and trip input for shutdown are included.  Peak output current is 16 amperes (A) for STK5Q4U352J-E and 20 A for STK5Q4U362J-E.

Packaging and Pricing

The LV8714TA is offered in a 9 mm x 9 mm 48-pin TQFP package and is priced at $2.99 each for 10,000 unit quantities. The STK5Q4U352J-E and STK5Q4U362J-E are is offered in 18.2 mm x 29.6 mm DIP module and are priced at $5.80 and $6.00 respectively  for 10,000 unit quantities.