A new software component for the AMS Suite from Emerson Process Management enables central management of HART devices in PROFIBUS networks that are connected by means of the IS1+ Remote I/O system. The new 2.4 version of the TACC software package (TH AMS Device Manager Communication Components) from industrial IT firm Trebing + Himstedt thus supports the latest generation of R. STAHL’s Remote I/O solution for hazardous areas for the first time.

Any station in a higher-level Ethernet network running the AMS Intelligent Device Manager can access diagnosis and configuration data of the field devices via the Remote I/O. Hardware access from the Ethernet to the PROFIBUS level is implemented by means of TH LINK PROFIBUS gateways. Easy to retrofit, the communication component TACC is available free of charge at the company website http://www.t-h.de – Emerson suite users do not require an additional license.

With its IS1 product line, R. STAHL is provides Remote I/O components that are used in industrial automation solutions for hazardous areas. In combination with the established IS1 system, the predecessor of IS1+, gateways and software products from Trebing + Himstedt have already proven themselves on many occasions with earlier versions of Emerson’s Asset Management solution. Applications include the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as various other branches. IS1+ provides new functions and features, such as mixed modules with I/O parameterisation as well as diagnoses and maintenance alerts according to the NAMUR NE107 scheme. Supporting hot work and hot swapping, the system can be flexibly and cost-efficiently extended and reconfigured.