Flux Pumps, in conjunction with its sister company Sondermann, announces the introduction of its run dry magnetic drive pump. 

The fluid lubricated sleeve bearings support the impeller with the inner magnet of all conventional magnetically coupled pumps. Sleeve bearings that are used in high speed systems need continuous liquid film lubrication to keep bearing friction, which results in low frictional heat, and provides the bearing with sufficient cooling.

The magnetic drive dry run pump has been developed without any sleeve bearing. The coefficient of friction of the type of bearing that has been used is so low that only a minimum of heat is generated, therefore the bearing of the RM-TS pump, assures the temperature rises to a maximum of just 5C above the ambient temperature when the pump runs dry.  Due to the lower coefficient of friction in the pump there has been further increase in its efficiency.

All components of the pump head that are in contact with the fluid are still metal free, this is to assure optimum chemical resistance against aggressive liquids.