Lascar Electronics has announced the latest software updates to its successful PanelPilot display platform. The new functionality greatly simplifies the process of updating the PanelPilot software with the introduction of an advanced filtering system in the configuration set-up. Users wishing to choose one of the 40+ apps in the software library can now quickly filter suitable meter styles by using a simple ‘Sort menu’, which is a new feature of the library.  
New selections include single channel vs. dual channel application, touch screen options and analog versus digital meter styles. The new feature is designed to streamline the configuration of PanelPilot-compatible displays even further by removing the need to sort through all applications in choosing the most suitable. 
PanelPilot was launched by Lascar over two years ago with the intent of providing a simple, Windows-based software platform for simple customisation of any one of Lascar’s seven compatible color displays.  By connecting the display to the computer via a USB cable, PanelPilot allows users to choose a display type from a selection of analog, digital and bar graph styles, its display colors and any text labels and scaling if required.  Once all display preferences have been made by using this simple click-through functionality, users can save their customised configuration and download it to the display panel. 
Lascar’s upgrade to the software comes at the same time as the launch of seven new applications for PanelPilot’s library pushing its total count to nearly 50 applications.  Lascar’s software remains free of charge, so any new user can simply download the software at to see its format and interface before purchasing a display. For existing software users, the upgrade will be available automatically when opening their software program.