In response to the industrial OEM market need for a secure, cost effective remote access solution with quick and simple set up INSYS icom have released the IMO-1 GPRS router and fault monitor. When used with the ever more popular INSYS Connectivity Service they are the ideal combination for monitoring, alarm message despatch and transfer of data to and from your remote process, machinery or control networks.

Based on the well established class leading range of MoRoS industrial routers the IMO-1 provides the following feature;

  • Ethernet, serial and GPRS communications
  • Continuous monitoring of I/O on any digital control device e.g. PLC, HMI
  • An RJ11 connection to the Siemens logo controller
  • Alarm despatch via SMS and email with SMS receipt for controlling system variables and relay outputs. Despatch to multiple recipients and specific messages for selected recipients.
  • On-board I/O configurable for various functions
  • Monitoring and control of logo internal variables
  • Embedded web page for simple set up and diagnosis
  • All monitored values can be viewed in the embedded web interface

Flexibility of application is enhanced by the Linux sandbox feature with 150 MB of permanent memory enabling users to develop their own proprietary applications for example data logging and analysis, protocol conversion and simple control tasks or select from one of our preconfigured applications.

As a GPRS router IMO-1 provides transparent remote access to local control networks and serial devices, it is therefore capable of monitoring complete networks. It supports Open VPN, IPsec, PPTP and firewall. Full NAT (port forwarding and net mapping), DNS relay, DynDNS and DHCP client and server are all on board.

When combined with the Connectivity Service the IMO-1 provides a simple secure and reliable remote connection all backed up by the INSYS icom FOC first class technical support service, this ensures the device will pay for itself time and time again.

The INSYS icom Connectivity Service is a connection management facility that hugely simplifies and speeds up the set-up of secure VPN connections to remote assets, looking after the downloading and installation of all security keys and certificates and relieving users of the time and responsibility of managing VPN servers. Secure reliable connections are established in minutes not hours.

We provide industrial data communications solutions for a diverse range of markets; Energy, Factory Automation, Transport, Building Management, Water Utility and others.