JEC Vac Solutions Ltd. recently added the Lajac range of dust handling products to their portfolio, now available direct to end users and OEM’s. Lajac was founded in 2000 with a long experience of modern process ventilation, supplying products and solutions for dust handling, powder transport, local exhaust and central vacuum cleaning systems.

Pipe & Duct Systems Components – Available in Galvanised or Stainless steel, Lajac pipe system components including bends, branches, y-pieces, couplings and hose connection points and are available in a wide range of conventional sizes, usually of the shelf.

Dampers – In industry, manual dampers are often used in the extraction process and in worst cases no dampers are used at all. This means that many extraction points are often open though the machines are not in use, which means unnecessary extraction at some extraction points, high energy consumption and a high wear on filters and fans. On existing extraction systems, in most cases the extraction can be improved, simply by installing automatic dampers thus avoiding costly expansions or changes of filters and fans. On new installations, operational costs can also be reduced for filter systems and fans, by using automatic dampers linked to the machines that automatically open the dampers when switched on. Automatic dampers are available for compressed air or electric operation.

Filter Assemblies – A range of filter assemblies is available to cater for every application from dust and fume extraction to central vacuum cleaning systems. ‘Plug & play’ assemblies are available incorporating high efficiency filters, filter cleaning, exhauster/fan and controls, following connection to the pipework system, compressed air and electricity supply, simply press the start button and start work.

Suction Units – High pressure fans, exhausters and vacuum pump assemblies with or without acoustic enclosures

Vacuum Cleaning Hoses, Tools and accessories – Available in sizes from 32mm to 100mm, a range of dust & debris collection tools, including hose hangers, hose reels and point extraction arms and assemblies.